How do I print my certificate?

How do I print my certificate?

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    • When does my certificate expire?

      Your certification or recertification will expire the specified number of years from the issue date. If your certification has an expiry date, it will be specified on your certificate which can be found on your dashboard. 
    • When will I receive my certificate or badge?

      Certification is provided immediately for all successfully completed courses. These are self-print certificates and can be viewed within your student dashboard.  Badges are created immediately for all successfully completed courses that are selected ...
    • How do I view my certificate?

    • How long have I got to complete the training?

      Once you have purchased a course, you have one year to complete the course. If you haven't completed your course within this time, you will lose access to the training material and will not be able to complete the assessment and gain your ...
    • Terms and conditions of sale

      By booking on and accessing training through the CommScope Infrastructure Academy you accept and are bound by the following terms and conditions. PLANNING YOUR TRAINING: It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure they have the appropriate ...