How does the assessment system work?

How does the assessment system work?

Once you have studied the online training material, you will then need to take the 'online assessment' and this can be taken at any time after receiving email confirmation that the training has been added to your account.

You can take the lessons in any order and at different times, but you must complete a lesson (within the time limit) once you have started it. We recommend that after downloading and studying the course material, you take the assessment for which you have studied so that the information is fresh in your mind. You only have one attempt per lesson; however, marking is cumulative throughout the entire course assessment.

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    • How long have I got to complete the training?

      Once you have purchased a course, you have one year to complete the course. If you haven't completed your course within this time, you will lose access to the training material and will not be able to complete the assessment and gain your ...
    • Can I retake an assessment/course if I fail?

      Our policy is not to reset course assessments. However, the Support team will review the nature and circumstances of the failure and make further decisions based on our guidelines.  Any reset of assessments may incur a further administrative charge, ...
    • How long should I allow to study a training course?

      It will depend upon your level of experience with the topic. You should allow time to review the entire course material but this will vary for each individual course so we have displayed a guide as part of the course description under the Catalog.
    • What style of question will I be asked?

      The questions are pictorial and multiple choice, each with four possible answers. A clock timer starts when you enter the lesson and counts down until you complete the assessment. If you are taking an exam style assessment you will only have one ...
    • What happens if I lose web access during an assessment?

      Once you start an assessment you must complete that assessment within the time limit specified. Note that in the 'informative' style of assessment, the clock stops after each correct answer. It is strongly recommended that you move on to the next ...