What style of question will I be asked?

What style of question will I be asked?

The questions are pictorial and multiple choice, each with four possible answers. A clock timer starts when you enter the lesson and counts down until you complete the assessment.

If you are taking an exam style assessment you will only have one opportunity to get the answer correct, so take your time before making a selection. Once an answer has been selected, the assessment will move straight onto the next question.

For 'informative' style assessments, if you answer a question incorrectly the reason why it's incorrect will be displayed and you will be asked to select another option. When you select a correct answer the clock timer is stopped and all answers are displayed with the reason why they are correct and incorrect. You will be prompted to continue with the questions and this will take you to the following question. Each incorrect answer will reduce the mark awarded for that question. For example: correct first reply 20%, 2nd 10%, 3rd 4%, 4th 0%, questions not completed due to time 0%.

At the end of each lesson you will be given your score and status for that lesson and asked if you wish to continue with another lesson or exit to study. You cannot re-take a lesson or entire assessment.

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